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Where Adventure Meets the North: Indigenous Winter Experiences in the Northwest Territories

Aurora Borealis - Credit: J.F. Bergeron

Marveling at the Northern Lights dancing in the sky in the Aurora Mecca, whizzing through the vast snow-covered winter landscape on a dog sled, listening to the exciting stories of the Indigenous. What an unforgettable experience!

North of 60 Aurora Adventures is a family-run company based in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. With diverse programs they share the magic and excitement of Arctic nature and their cultural traditions.

Aurora Borealis

The surrounding winter wonderland is illuminated in a blaze of color: On more than 240 incredible days each year, the Aurora Borealis can be spotted in the Northwest Territories.

Seeing the Northern Lights here is a very different experience than anywhere else in the world. Here, located underneath the so-called Aurora Oval, the polar lights are at their strongest. The colors are brighter, the phenomena last longer, the movements are more sophisticated. Simply spectacular!

North of 60 Aurora Adventures offers different Aurora tours: in a comfortable bus driving the winter roads with several observation and photo stops or in their remote camp with a skydome. Here, you can sit by the warm wood-burning stove on cozy couches and chairs, enjoy traditional stick bread called bannock and hot drinks while taking in the amazing views from the cupola.

Skydome - Credit: North of 60 Aurora Adventures

Dog Sledding

Dreaming of a ride on a dog sled through the white snowy landscape, North of 60 Aurora Adventures is also the right address for you. Whether as a musher (dog sled driver) in a group on prepared tracks, across the frozen lake and among remote trails or as a passenger, the various tour offer a special experience for everyone. The one-hour programs through the beautiful nature end in a warm tipi or trapper’s camp with hot drinks and delicious bannock.

If you’re dreaming of a particularly fancy experience, there’s even a nighttime dog sled ride overlooking the celestial spectacle of the Northern Lights!

Dog Sledding - Credit: North of 60 Aurora Adventures

North of 60 Aurora Adventures

This Indigenous family-run business is dedicated to preserving the cultural traditions and teachings of their grandparents and sharing them with their guests in an enjoyable way. With their dog sledding and Northern Lights tours they teach survival strategies of the subarctic inhabitants, talk about old traditions of their ancestors and thus strengthen the respect for the Indigenous culture. All team members are native to Yellowknife and know the region inside out. This allows them to safely guide their guests on the outdoor adventures and ensure lots of fun for all ages.

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