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Michaela Arnold 

Managing Director


A power woman: Michaela has over 27 years of tourism experience with travel agencies, tour operators and of course: destination-marketing.

In 2011, she incorporated Denkzauber and has gained excellent reputation leading the “best boutique-style destination marketing agency” in-market.


  • Destination Canada Peer Award

  • Destination Canada Team Award

  • Willy Scharnow Award for the best long-distance learning program for the travel trade

  • Globus Award (by German travel agents) for being the best NTO in-market

  • Founders of the Year Award Nominee by her hometown Krefeld


My job - I love what I do, my kids, my dog, traveling, the Outdoors, Skiing and winter activities (the colder, the better ;-)), books, music and spending time with the ones I love.

Best travel moment: Every journey has its special moments - seeing new landscapes, smelling new things, experiencing new cultures. I just can't get enough :-)

Source of Energy: My kids - they are so much like me and yet their own persons. They help me grow as I help them. Also everyday life - there are so many wonderful details in this world if you keep your eyes open.

Michaela Arnold
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