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Nele Remstedt

Project Manager

In April 2023, Nele joined us as the newest team member and is happy to support Denkzauber in her role as project manager. She has 13 years of tourism experience as well as a great passion for North America.


My most memorable travel moment:

Whenever I take a deep breath during a trip, look around and ask myself how I can just capture this beautiful moment and carry it in my heart forever. Whether it's observing grizzlies on Vancouver Island, on horseback at Lake Diefenbaker at La Reata Ranch in Saskatchewan, snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies, completely exhausted on the Schafberg mountain in Austria overlooking the seven mountain lakes, or frozen to the bone from a walk on the North Sea coast.


My passion:

Traveling, of course! Packing my suitcase, traveling to faraway places, breathing different air, tasting foreign delights, climbing mountains, observing wildlife, discovering unknown cultures, meeting new people, gazing at the starry sky from a different perspective....


My source of energy/inspiration:

Back in everyday life, I continue to draw on the many moments of happiness I brought back from my travels for a long time. And the time with my little family, especially since I can now look at the world through the eyes of a child again. It gives me endless joy and strength for everyday life and makes me curious about what is yet to come. And then there is always the next trip that wants to be planned ;-)


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