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Saskatchewan is one big, beautiful place -

a sweeping 652,000 sq. km (more than 161 million acres).


Land and sky are ever-present influences. Nature is always in your backyard. Even at the centre of Saskatchewan's major cities, Regina and Saskatoon, you are only minutes away from impressive landscapes and wide-open spaces.


Overhead, dramatic "Living Skies" command attention. Sunsets reveal colours rarely seen and our night skies (some of the darkest in North America) showcase the infinite wonders of the cosmos.


A four-season destination, Saskatchewan also offers an impressive range of travel offerings and experiences, from thrilling outdoor recreation and adventure to peaceful, relaxing getaways; from exploring nature to enjoying lively urban hotspots. A vibrant artistic and cultural landscape, colourful festivals and a delicious culinary scene provide unforgettable travel memories.


The hospitality here is second-to-none. Visitors are immediately made to feel like part of the community, like a member of the family. No matter what part of Saskatchewan you choose to explore, no matter how long you decide to stay, the essence of this place will make a memorable impression.

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Photo Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan / Paul Austring

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