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Where to watch a spectacular sunset in Manitoba

In Canada’s prairies, you can see a spectacular sunset on any given night from your own backyard, the novelty never quite wears off. If you want a change of scenery, plan to visit these amazing locations at sunset:

Over golden prairie fields

Credit: Travel Manitoba

Savour the simple things in life and spend an evening watching the sunset over a prairie field. While there are many to choose from, we have noticed that the area around Deloraine has some pretty spectacular views, reminiscent of something you'd see on an African safari. *Friendly reminder to view fields from the side of the road. Do not enter any field that is private property.

Or enjoy a scenic prairie drive through the RM of Louise. This region of Manitoba covers the three quaint towns of Clearwater, Crystal City and Pilot Mound. Drive through the rolling hills between towns or take a leisurely stroll through Crystal City's scenic walking trail, which starts by the Cudmore Community Hall and passes under the old Canadian Pacific Railway bridge, alongside Crystal Creek. In Clearwater, catch the sunset against the classic view of the town's grain elevator.

Backdrop for wildlife

Bison at Riding Mountain National Park - Credit: Travel Manitoba

Did you know that the early morning or the hour before sunset is the best time to drive to the Lake Audy Bison Enclosure in Riding Mountain National Park? Make your way slowly through the enclosure as you might come up on an unusual roadblock: a herd of bison. The herd (which now numbers to approx. 40 bison) was reintroduced to the area as part of a conservation project. Watching bison roam peacefully across the plains against the backdrop of the setting sun is a quintessential Manitoban scene. Remember to always stay in your car and of course take plenty of photos!

Fall is a pretty special time for the remote town of Churchill; and it's not for the fall foliage. Here, polar bears make their way in large numbers to the coast of the Hudson Bay to wait for the ice to freeze so that they can begin their winter hunt. Take a tour for your chance to see the majestic polar bear against the setting sun.

On the shimmering lake

Sunset on Lake Winnipeg - Credit: Max Muench

Cottage-goers and lake lovers alike will argue over which body of water has the best sunsets, and the answer is: all of them. But with that in mind...St. Laurent on Lake Manitoba is pretty high up there on the list of unbelievable sunsets. Watch pelicans and gulls gather on the still lake as the sun drops before the horizon, filling the sky as far as the eye can see with yellow, pink and orange hues.

Another amazing spot to watch the sunset is on Manitoba's other giant lake: Lake Winnipeg. You can choose any location along this stretch on your sunset adventure and be successful - but we highly recommend Lester Beach for views that can compete with ocean sunsets in faraway destinations.

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