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Camping in den Bergen


We dream, create, tell your story and deliver progressive trade and media campaigns

We are your full-service
 boutique-style destination marketing agency

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Meet us

Meet us

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Media Lounge

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Trade Lounge

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Tourism Saskatchewan

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We tell your story

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Martin Sach


Project Manager



How we work


We are target-focused, sales-driven and highly professional. We own unparalleled knowledge and well-established relationships to German, Swiss, Austrian, UK and even Dutch key market players and media.  

We are professional and know our market

We provide our clients with a strategic, value- and target-focused marketing plan and successfully address their opportunities and challenges through the use of proven, new and innovative marketing principles and practices.


We protect the environment and biodiversity

We care – for our clients, for our staff, for our environment.  We dedicate ourselves to carefully using all resources – when traveling or at home. We are conserving local eco-systems by making the right choices where possible. 


We improve worldwide intercultural understanding

We engage ourselves to understand the way in which others are located in different global contexts, perceive, analyze and produce situated knowledge. We appreciate intercultural competences and global communication and exchange. 

What we believe


We are leaders in collaboration and respect

We work in respect and collaboration with clients, partners and affiliated consultants throughout Europe, North America and beyond to become a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the field of marketing, media and communications. We create value and make a difference. 

We may never be the biggest, but always the best.


We are responsible for this planet

We are responsible citizens that make a difference by helping build and support sustainable communities locally and internationally


We inspire our employees and customers

We are a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.  Through our campaigns, we evoke emotions of optimism and happiness.

What we do


We love what we do! Passionate people, exceptional creativity, target focused solutions, outstanding innovations, highest professionalism and a results-driven perspective portray the company. 

Combining recognized experience and creativity, professionalism and market knowledge, well working networks in tourism and other industries and comprehensive capabilities across a variety of modern marketing and communication strategies, the agency provides customers with an extraordinary set of services that lead to joint success.

Who we are


Everything and everyone has a story! Who are we? Why do we do what we do? And what differentiates us? 

Denkzauber means "Think Magic" in English - some of our clients and partners say our work comes close to magic. Our secret ingredient is passion - we love tourism and we love marketing. It is wonderful to be able and combine both worlds. 

Flexibility, creativity and efficiency are the three fundamental strengths of Denkzauber - and the personal commitment to achieving the best possible results adds an extra special seal of quality.

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