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Wonderful summer days by the water: Manitoba's 20 most beautiful beaches in the Interlake Region

Ein Sandstrand am Lake Winnipeg vor der untergehenden Sonne
Lake Winnipeg - Credit: Max Muench

Canada's prairie province of Manitoba has an incredible number of lakes - more than 100,000, to be exact. The two largest - Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg - are actually more reminiscent of an inland sea than a lake. After all, Lake Winnipeg, with its nearly 25,000 square kilometers, is not only the largest lake in Manitoba, but even the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world! The region between these two huge bodies of water is conveniently simply called Interlake. Here, wonderful summer days on the water await visitors, with countless adventures and fantastic sandy beaches that line some stretches of coast like pearls on a necklace. Here are the 20 most beautiful beaches on Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg:

1. Twin Lakes Beach

On the southeastern shore of Lake Manitoba, not far from the small town of Saint Laurent, the shimmering sunlight makes the sand of Twin Lakes Beach sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels. The bottom of the lake is quite soft and sandy here and promises wonderful swimming. Everyone will for sure find the right spot on the 6-kilometer, unspoiled natural beach. Be sure to stay until the evening, as the sunset is simply spectacular in this place!

Twin Lakes Beach, Lake Manitoba - Credit: Travel Manitoba

2. Sandpiper Beach

A little further north is Sandpiper Beach, another beautiful sandy beach that offers great swimming. To reach it, you have to drive west from Allard Road in Saint Laurent and then turn left to Big Tree Park, which offers direct access to the beach (fee required).

3. Laurentia Beach

Laurentia Beach lies north of Saint Laurent and was originally a private beach, as many of the locals' weekend cabins extend their properties to the water's edge here. However, there is now public access from Laurentia Beach Road, just in front of the welcome sign. The beach section is located in a bay and is extremely shallow, making it ideal for families with young children.

4. Lundar Beach

A truly relaxing beach day can be experienced at Lundar Beach in the provincial park of the same name on the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba. With its 3.2-kilometer hiking trail, playground and large swimming and beach area, active water lovers and sunbathers alike will get their money's worth.

5. Long Point Beach

Also on the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba, the little-known but no less beautiful Long Point Beach proves to be an ideal place to get away from it all. While there's no guarantee that you'll have this beach completely to yourself, chances are good that the number of footprints in the sand is very small.

6. Silver Bay Beach

A little further north is Silver Bay Beach, a secret little gem in Manitoba. This beach near Moosehorn Creek offers a rustic but adventurous experience for travelers and anglers.

7. Watchorn Provincial Park

Watchorn Provincial Park with its beautiful beach is also located on the east shore of Lake Manitoba. Opportunities for water activities abound at Watchorn Bay. Swimming, boating, canoeing or fishing are nice alternatives on a hot day. Or how about just having a picnic in the sun?

8. Steep Rock Beach

At Steep Rock, also on the eastern shore of Lake Manitoba, you find almost Caribbean feeling! Here, the water shines turquoise blue, a unique cliff scenery of limestone rocks characterizes the landscape and the rocky beaches invite you to sunbathe. Cold drinks and snacks are offered at a rustic beach hut, and kayaks and canoes are available for rent. The sunsets are legendary here! A bustling little place that is definitely worth the detour!

Steep Rock, Lake Manitoba - Credit: Travel Manitoba

9. Sunset Beach

Change of scenery to Lake Winnipeg, where the rugged coastline of Hecla Grindstone Provincial Park opens up to enchanting white sand beaches in two places. One is Sunset Beach on the western shore of Hecla Island. Here, the name says it all, as at sunset a truly spectacular natural spectacle is revealed, when the horizon seems to glow in the most dazzling colors. The beach is not far from Gull Harbour and ideal for families with children, as the shore is very shallow over long stretches and the bottom is wonderfully sandy.

Sunset Beach on Hecla Island, Lake Winnipeg - Credit: Travel Manitoba

10. Sandy Bar Beach

The pristine Sandy Bar Beach is located south of Hecla Grindstone Provincial Park on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg. Apart from the road that leads to the beach, there is no development at all. A long sandbar juts out into the lake, giving the beach its name.

11. Kaltenthaler Beach

Water, sand and fishing - life can be so beautiful! Kaltenthaler Beach, also located on the western shore of Lake Winnipeg, is characterized by light brown sand and is a beautiful place for walks and a bath in the sun. A tranquil place where you can find peace.

12. Hnausa Beach

A bit further south is the secluded and sandy Hnausa Beach. A quiet place to spend the day in the fresh air and build a sandcastle or two.

13. Spruce Sands Beach

Spruce Sands Beach also offers several miles of sandy beach and the refreshing waters of Lake Winnipeg, making it a perfect place for an adventure-filled beach day with the family.

14. Camp Morton Beach

Quite hidden, the small provincial park Camp Morton is located about 8 kilometers north of the coastal town of Gimli. The sound of the waves, green lawns and wonderful fresh air make this isolated spot on the shores of Lake Winnipeg a perfect place for a relaxing summer day. Camp Morton features decaying gardens, walking trails and historic buildings, and is also home to a large colony of white pelicans.

Camp Morton Beach, Lake Winnipeg - Credit: Travel Manitoba

15. Gimli Beach

A little further south is Gimli, a real little paradise for vacationers with a cozy waterfront promenade and a magnificent marina, where the boats of the summer guests line up in the summer and create a wonderful vacation feeling. The sandy Gimli Beach, which is close to the city, is extremely spacious and leads shallowly into the water, so that you can sit in your camping chair directly in the lake. Feet in the refreshing, crystal clear water, sun cap on your head, book in your lap - that's how you can stand it!

Gimli Beach, Lake Winnipeg - Credit: Liz Tran (Courtesy of Travel Manitoba)

16. Winnipeg Beach

Back in the early 19th century, Winnipeg Beach on the southern west shore of the lake was a popular beach destination for Manitoba's capital city residents. In these early days, people came by train from the provincial capital and still wore bathing suits that reached down to the ground - but they had plenty of fun even then! Today, the beach and water invite you to (sun-)bathe, play beach volleyball, sail or surf. A long promenade stretches along the coast line directly behind the beach and encourages leisurely walks. On weekends, live bands play and the free BBQ grills are fired up. Small stores and restaurants invite to stroll around.

Winnipeg Beach, Lake Winnpeg - Credit: David Reede

17. Dunnottar Beach

In Dunnottar and its surroundings, Lake Winnipeg is the main attraction. The small town is located on the southern basin of the lake, which delights with miles of white sandy beaches - some of them are even called the most beautiful ones in the world. A beach day in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for families!

18. Dunottar Piers

Die berühmten hölzernen Landungsstege Dunnotar Piers werden jedes Jahr im Frühjahr von Hand gebaut und sind ein echter Hingucker. Das Wasser des Lake Winnipeg ist in diesem Bereich ziemlich flach, so dass Schwimmer, die ins tiefere Wasser möchten, die felsige Uferlinie mit Hilfe der Holzstege überwinden können. Und am Ende des Stegs wartet ein kühner Sprung ins erfrischende Nass! The famous Dunnotar Piers are built by hand each spring and are a real eye-catcher. The waters of Lake Winnipeg are fairly shallow in this area, so swimmers who want to get into deeper water can avoid the rocky shoreline with the help of the wooden jetties. And at the end of the boardwalk, a bold plunge into the refreshing water awaits!

Dunnotar Piers - Credit: Cody Fjeldsted (Courtesy of Travel Manitoba)

19. Patricia Beach

Patricia Beach Provincial Park stretches along the 2.5-kilometer-long southeastern shore of Lake Winnipeg's Balsam Bay. A natural sandy beach, sand dunes, a lagoon and wooded areas await here - a real dream!

Patricia Beach Provincial Park, Lake Winnipeg - Credit: @gyk26

20. Beaconia Beach

If you want to jump into the water without clothes, you'll find Manitoba's only nudist beach north of Patricia Beach. The fine sandy beach of Beaconia Beach is perfect for bare facts!

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