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Saskatchewan – secret tip in Canada’s heartland

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Prince Albert National Park - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan & Greg Huszar Photography

Charming Saskatchewan in the heart of the Canadian Prairies is a real secret tip. The sun-drenched province offers pure adventure! More than 100,000 lakes and raging rivers, huge forests in the North and rolling grasslands in the South - Saskatchewan attracts with its pristine natural beauty and almost boundless expanse.

Don’t miss:

Scenic Saskatoon

The South Saskatchewan River meanders scenically through Saskatoon, also nicknamed the "Pearl of the Prairies"! Take a walk along the city’s beautiful riverbanks and enjoy the view.

Cowboy way of living

True western feeling comes up on Saskatchewan's guest ranches! Laid-back rides through the rolling prairie landscape, crackling campfire and stunning sunsets – making not just riders' hearts beating faster!

Regina - Queen of Saskatchewan

Regina is a true queen among Canada’s cities – and not just because of its royal name! With a population of around 230,000, it cannot compete in size with metropolises like Vancouver and Toronto, but that's exactly what makes the charming city so appealing!

Paddling through the wilderness of the North

Prince Albert National Park is the gateway to Saskatchewan’s wild and wooded North. Enjoy a mosaic of forests, tundra moss and lakes, which make up the boreal forest and are hard to beat for beauty. The wonderful nature of the North is best explored by canoe.

Favorite places:

Totally secluded, La Reata Ranch is located in the "Rolling Prairies" on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker. The daily rides take you through the open prairie landscape, over the rolling river hills with their countless canyons and over the gently sloping sandy beaches of the lake. A truly dreamlike setting! If you want to give a hand, this working cattle ranch is the place to be.

At Grasslands National Park, the Prairie shows itself completely unspoiled. The park is Canada's only National Park protecting the last remnants of the originally preserved grasslands of the North American Plains. A herd of prairie bison roams serenely through the wide-open plains while the grass is dancing in the wind.

On Saskatoon’s northern edge lies Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a National Historic Site and proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site. For more than 6,400 years, this land has been a gathering place for the Indigenous Peoples of the Northern Plains to meet for trade, hunting and ceremonies. Today, visitors from near and far can experience their Indigenous culture.

The famous Mounties are “Made in Regina”, as here is Canada’s only basis training camp of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Visitors can explore the RCMP Heritage Centre and join guided tours of the camp.

Tucked away in a scenic valley on the north slope of the Cypress Hills, where the wide-open prairie meets majestic pine and spruce forests, lies Historic Reesor Ranch. Owned and operated by the Reesor family since 1904, the ranch offers authentic ranch life with super friendly family connection.

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