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New Indigenous tour with Tundra North Tours: Sustainable travel experience at Okpik Arctic Village

Updated: 4 days ago

Okpik Arctic Village - Credit: Tundra North Tours

Located 16 kilometres North of Inuvik lies Okpik Arctic Village by Tundra North Tours. This authentic Arctic village can be reached exclusively by boat on the Mackenzie River in summer and by ice road in winter. Here, people live in harmony with nature, combining traditional values and practices with today's technology.

Okpik Arctic Village - Credit: Tundra North Tours

During the new 3-days Okpik Arctic summer package, guests can experience the revitalization of the Indigenous culture and learn about local manufacturing and food production and why they are so important for Northern food security, economic leakage, as well as providing culturally relevant jobs in the community. They have the opportunity to experience hands on, what it’s like living on the land, mixing traditional knowledge with modern science. A local guide will take them on a hike along the trapline, where they can experience the beautiful surroundings of the Mackenzie River Delta while learning about hunting and trapping in the Arctic. A boat tour will include checking fish nets for the catch of the day and forage on the tundra for traditional summer food from the land, such as plants and berries. Guests can connect with nature in the most unique and intimate way by taking part in activities such as storytelling by local Elders or hide tanning. They’ll also taste locally harvested and prepared food in cultural meals. Accommodation is in traditional lodgings such as a tipi, wall tent, sod house or cabin.

In search of local berries - Credit: Tundra North Tours

Tundra North Tours is an Inuit company based in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. Their mission is to provide visitors from all over the world with an authentic experience of the unique atmosphere and culture of their home in Canada’s North. Founder and owner Kylik Kisoun Taylor had always dreamt of living on the land within his Inuvialuit and Gwitch’in culture, dog mushing, harvesting, foraging, farming and building his own log cabins. Living within nature out in the Mackenzie Delta, he is now making that dream a reality with Okpik Arctic Village, where he aims to create a village where culture and Indigenous practices can be put to use.


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