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Manitoba, Canada’s heart is calling!

Whiteshell Provincial Park - Credit: Travel Manitoba

In Manitoba, we know the longing for travel is felt in the heart. Whether your heart needs quiet, or it needs to race, sing or reflect, Canada’s heart is calling. Visit Churchill to walk with polar bears, paddle with belugas or dance with the northern lights overhead. Explore downtown Winnipeg to see iconic museums and enjoy great food. Experience our warm hospitality, iconic experiences and our deep connections with the Indigenous history and culture, here in Manitoba.

Don't miss:

Hip Winnipeg

Winnipeg sets trends! As a hip multicultural city, the capital of Manitoba inspires with diversity, creativity and a vibrant culinary scene.

Untouched wilderness

Manitoba's unique landscapes are protected in two National Parks and over 50 Provincial Parks - plenty of space for outdoor activities and wildlife viewing.

Lakes as far as the eye can see

With more than 100,000 lakes, fun in and around the water is guaranteed in Manitoba! Paddling a canoe or kayak, sailing, surfing, fishing or just sunbathing at one of the beautiful beaches.

Take a holiday as the locals

Large international travel groups are not around in Manitoba. Just mingle with the locals and become part of the "Canadian Way of Living"! Why not renting a log cabin by the lake to pause from touring around?

Subarctic Safari

In no other place in the world polar bears and beluga whales can be viewed in a better way than in Churchill on the coast of Hudson Bay in the far North of Manitoba.

Favorite Places:

With its unique architecture and an interactive exhibition area, Winnipeg's Canadian Museum for Human Rights is impressive from both, inside and out. The museum is all about human rights, which are presented from a variety of different perspectives.

In the Journey to Churchill exhibit of Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, you can get a first taste of northern Manitoba’s wildlife. In its underwater glass tunnel you can watch the mighty polar bears swimming - a not quite everyday perspective!

The world’s largest collection of Inuit art can be found at Qaumajuq, the Inuit Art Center in the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Truely unique!

Like a huge green mountain island, Riding Mountain National Park rises up out of the flat prairie landscape in southwestern Manitoba and is a true paradise for the local wildlife. Ready for your bison safari?

In the middle of the prairie, giant Lake Winnipeg reminds of a sea, rather than a lake. Far away from any ocean, it inspires with its maritime ambience including lighthouses and small fishing ports as well as beautiful sandy beaches and excellent water sports facilities!

In the North of Manitoba, summer flushes thousands of white beluga whales into Hudson Bay. Also polar bears can be seen, spending the warm summer months on land. If you want to see polar bears in a white snowy landscape, you should come to Churchill in fall. Then, hundreds of polar bears migrate from their summer territories in the tundra to the shore of Hudson Bay to wait for the bay to freeze over.

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