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Aski Holistic Adventures: Indigenous experiences in Saskatchewan's wilderness

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Michela Carrière - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

In the heart of the Saskatchewan River Delta, Aski Holistic Adventures offers extraordinary wilderness adventures year-round. And the most exciting part? The Indigenous perspective along the way! The knowledge about the land is shared during herbal hikes, canoe trips, outdoor adventures and nature workshops, has an inspiring effect and the enthusiasm for it is truly catching.

The Adventurer

Indigenous adventurer Michela Carrière grew up in the wilderness of northern Saskatchewan herself. After studying at Vancouver Island University and University of Saskatchewan, she returned to the family-run Big Eddy Lodge near Cumberland House. In 2018, the young Métis woman then launched Aski Holistic Adventures. To create a unique spiritual and emotional experience, she uses a unique blend of philosophy, history, sharing and outdoor activities. On her tours deep into the Canadian wilderness, there are numerous opportunities and plenty of open spaces to reconnect with the natural world. Meanwhile, Michela reveals her teachings on traditional Indigenous herbalism practices, healing the spirit of visitors. Michela's vision is for her guests to feel changed/transformed by nature and connect to the area, its history and people.

Michela Carrière - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

The Wilderness Lodge

Tucked away in the dense forest on the shore of Saskatchewan River, Big Eddy Lodge is about 50 kilometers upstream from Cumberland House. Upstream? Yes exactly, there is no road access to the lodge. We don't even need to talk about internet access and network coverage. So welcome to a real wilderness lodge! In summer, guests usually arrive by canoe. If desired, the hosts can also pick up their guests by motorboat. During the lodge stay you have the choice between three cozy, individual and rustic cabins with single and double beds, a fireplace and a small kitchenette. All cabins have one thing in common: a magnificent view of the river. Indigenous ceremonies and regular storytelling take place around the crackling campfire in the authentic tipi tent. A particularly wild experience is spending the night in the tipi!

The daily sauna ritual is also part of the incomparable experience. The sauna is made of cedar and has a gravity shower. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy the sauna ceremony with essential oils and herbal body rinse.

Big Eddy Lodge - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

The Wilderness Adventures

In addition to the lodge stay, Michela offers a variety of exciting adventures. Especially popular is the canoe adventure, which lasts 3 to 7 days. In an almost 8-meter-long canoe, the experienced canoe guide takes you through the rivers and lakes of the Saskatchewan River Delta. It's home to thousands of birds, plants and other animals that wait to be discovered. Camping, plant picking, fishing, herbalism and wilderness survival tips are taught.

River Delta - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan

Those who want to spend a weekend at the lodge sign up for the Eagle Watching Adventure. Observation tours of the eagles and their huge nests, boat and canoe trips, sauna visits, traditional storytelling, photography tips and a lesson in bird calls are all part of the program.

Even in winter, Aski Holistic Adventures has plenty to offer: Snowshoe hikes, cross-country skiing, fat-bike tours, lesson in traditional trapping, and the cherry on top: Northern Lights!

Credit: Aski Holistic Adventures

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