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Horseback adventures and Cowboy life on Saskatchewan‘s guest ranches

Updated: May 24

Eine junge Frau mit Cowboy-Hut und Grashalm im Mund steht bei ihrem Pferd.
Historic Reesor Ranch- Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan & Paul Austring

Horses and ranchers have always played an important role in the development of western Canada and the founding of the province of Saskatchewan. Today, cattle ranching remains of critical economic importance to the emerging prairie province. Many of the cattle ranchers still lead a true cowboy life.

Travel by horseback is an unforgettable way to experience the rolling hills and wide-open spaces of Saskatchewan’s southwest. Get in touch with your inner cowboy. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a bona-fide city slicker, southern horseback outfitters and ranches connect you to an authentic western lifestyle and hospitality.

Historic Reesor Ranch - Credit: Historic Reesor Ranch & Thomas Sbampato

Nestled in the beautiful Cypress Hills, Historic Reesor Ranch has been home to six generations of the Reesor family. In 2017, the Reesor’s dedication to preserving history was recognized, becoming Saskatchewan’s first working ranch to be designated a Provincial Heritage Property.

Ever wanted to be a cowhand? At the ranch you can join wranglers as they gather, move and sort cattle the way it’s been done for over 100 years.

Historic Reesor Ranch - Credit: Historic Reesor Ranch & Thomas Sbampato

At the end of a long day, fill up at the Ranch Hall Grill and enjoy cowboy poetry around the campfire recited by your host, Scott Reesor. The family is always around. Overnight guests are accommodated in cozy B&B rooms in the main house or in cabins spread around the ranch grounds.

Historic Reesor Ranch - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan & Paul Austring

Guided trail rides for young and old, as well as experienced riders and beginners alike, can be booked individually. They are also available to guests who are not staying at the ranch. In addition to horse-related programs, other traditional ranch activities and ATV rides are on offer.

La Reata Ranch - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan & Hans-Gerhard Pfaff

For those looking for an authentic cowboy way-of-life experience, La Reata Ranch will give you just that. The ranch is located in the Saskatchewan River valley, on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker.

La Reata Ranch - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan & Chris Hendrickson Photography

No matter your ability, La Reata has a horse for exploring the 5,000 acre ranch property. Owner and operator, George Gaber, welcomes guests from Europe and all over North America. With a minimum stay of two nights, you are sure to get a feel for life on the ranch.

La Reata Ranch - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan & Chris Hendrickson Photography

The daily rides are included in your stay and take you through the open prairie landscape, over the hilly river hills with their countless canyons and over the gently sloping sandy beaches of Lake Diefenbaker. A truly dreamlike setting! Those who need a break from riding can relax by canoeing, fishing or swimming in the sparkling lake - after all, 14 kilometers of lakeshore belong to La Reata Ranch! In the evenings, guests and neighbours gather at La Reata Saloon for socializing over billiards or darts and many a cowboy story.

La Reata Ranch - Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan & Greg Huszar Photography

La Reata is a working cattle ranch, i.e. guests may help the rancher in his daily work, but don’t have to. In all activities, the seasons and the rhythm of the cattle herd set the pace. Special moments are certainly the roundup in the fall, when the herd is driven from the pastures back to the ranch or the branding of the young calves in the spring.

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